Minor Civil Claim?

Different courts and tribunals decide different matters. Before starting a legal action you need to know which court or tribunal you need to use.

The Minor Civil Claim jurisdiction is a lower cost jurisdiction for some civil issues.

We can help if a minor civil dispute arises under the laws of South Australia, but may not be able to help if it arises in another State or is a federal based dispute. If you are unsure of whether your issue is state or federal based, or based outside of SA, you can make an appointment with us using the menu above, or by clicking here.

If you believe your matter is within the minor civil jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court of South Australia and wish to make an appointment with us, click here.

Below is an application to assist you in deciding if your matter is within the Minor Civil Claim jurisdiction. (Depending on your internet connection it may take a little while to load – patience is helpful.)