About our legal services

Flinders Legal Centre is a community legal centre operated by Flinders University, College of Business, Government and Law.

The Flinders Legal Centre operates a free legal advice service as well as various other legal services to the community. The range of services available vary from year to year.

Please contact us direct to enquire about our range of services, or request a legal service.

The Free Legal Advice service can provide legal advice in relation to matters where the financial amount in dispute is not more than $12,000.

If you are involved in a dispute we can help you with:

    • Understanding the relevant law;
    • Options for resolving your dispute;
    • Referring you to other relevant agencies; or
    • Managing your own claim.

If you want your matter to go to Court or it is already in Court, and the financial amount in dispute is not more than $12,000, we may be able to help you with:

    • Things you might have to do before lodging a claim  with the Court;
    • Preparing court documents;
    • Explaining Court procedures;

We do not:

    • Take over management of your claim for you; or
    • Act as your lawyer or represent you in Court.

Our legal advice services are cost free. You do not need to pay to meet with us. You do not need to pay for our legal assistance.

We do not pay any costs associated with search fees, court or other dispute processes. This means that you must pay for any of your own costs, including Court filing fees and costs of obtaining evidence or preparing for hearing.

All information that you provide to our Centre is treated as confidential. All interviews are conducted either virtually (online), or by telephone.

Appointments take 45 minutes. You can make more than one appointment if you need to. You can make an appointment using our online booking calendar, or alternatively you can request an appointment by sending us an Email.

If you have any queries about the terms of use of our clinic please send us an Email.

We can only give legal advice once we have met with you. Please do not seek legal advice by email before you have made an appointment.

If you wish to use our service on these terms, book your appointment here, or via the Appointments Tab above..